Moore Introduces Bill Shielding Taxpayers from Funding President Trump's Border Wall

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To ensure President Trump doesn't saddle the financial burden of his misguided campaign promise on the backs of those struggling to get by, I recently introduced The No Taxpayer Funding for the Wall Act of 2017. My legislation holds the president to his word to have the government of Mexico fund his border wall and prevents him and congressional Republicans from using money for vital services like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Violence Against Women Act grants to fund this absurd plan.

Revelations About Sessions' Contact with Russia Warrants his Removal

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The American people demand and deserve unequivocal certainty about President Trump's relationship with the Kremlin, including his financial ties and business dealings. If the president is unwilling to meet such concern with a transparent investigation conducted by a special prosecutor, I believe it would be appropriate for the House of Representatives to move forward with impeachment proceedings.

Trump Fails to Mention Security for Women and Girls in First Joint Address to Congress

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I find it incredulous that President Trump could claim a commitment to national security while failing to even mention how we will protect our nation's women and daughters, especially when an average of three women are killed by a current or former partner every day in our country.

Moore Hosts District Listening Session for Constituents in Glendale

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My constituents have flooded both my Milwaukee and D.C. offices with phone calls expressing concern about the direction of the country. I look forward to the opportunity to engage in a constructive dialogue with the residents of the 4th Congressional District during this tumultuous time.

Anti-Immigrant Executive Orders Demand Strong Opposition

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As Americans exercise their constitutional right to protest President Trump's executive orders, I'll be in Washington with my House and Senate colleagues, working on policy solutions to address these concerns and protect our democracy from this administration's draconian efforts. Together, we will show President Trump and his supporters that America doesn't have to sacrifice our compassion and conscience for our security.

Wisconsin congressional Democrats denounce Trump's immigration ban

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Wisconsin congressional Democrats denounce Trump’s immigration ban By Noah Habenstreit While some Republicans continue to remain silent on the issue, all four of Wisconsin’s Democratic members of Congress say they disagree with President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration ban. Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Reps. Mark Pocan, Ron Kind and Gwen Moore have established themselves as opponents of Trump’s...

Moore Responds to Questions about Presidential Inauguration

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As a proud Democrat, I want President-elect Trump to see me front and center as he's sworn in. I want him to see exactly what his opposition looks like. When he sees me, I want him to see The Resistance.

Trump Taps his Bankruptcy Lawyer for Ambassador to Israel

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From his blind support for settlements in the West Bank and flagrant opposition to a two-state solution to his unconscionable and frighteningly causal use of holocaust imagery to vilify progressive American Jews, Mr. Friedman lacks the experience and temperament necessary to serve as our nation's ambassador to Israel.

Gwen Moore Commemorates Veterans Day

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On Veterans Day, we honor the soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen who continue to keep our nation safe. As we take this opportunity to recognize the sacrifices of our country's brave men and women in uniform, let us also reaffirm our commitment to taking care of our servicemembers both on and off the battlefield.

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