Congresswoman Gwen Moore Slams House Republican’s Dangerous Child Deportation Act

Congresswoman Gwen Moore Slams House Republican’s Dangerous Child Deportation Act

Today, Congresswoman Moore voted no on H.R. 2, the Child Deportation Act. In response, she released the following statement:

“Today I voted no on the Republican’s Child Deportation Act. House Republicans’ bill is chock full of anti-immigrant, ineffective, unworkable policies focused solely on enforcement that will not address the problem nor provide a pathway to actual solutions. Additionally, this Republican proposal is built on Trump’s failed, cruel immigration policies, such as the Remain in Mexico policy, shutting down access to asylum, and again seeking to carry out his wasteful, ineffective border wall. The Trump administration attempted to use cruel policies like family separation as a “deterrent” for people fleeing violence and persecution. Unsurprisingly, none of those policies curbed migration and will not become more effective moving forward.

I am concerned that the proposed measures will do little but create more chaos at the border while failing to prioritize the safety, well-being, and legal rights of vulnerable children, potentially sending children back to smugglers or allowing for their long-term detention, which numerous reports have made clear is detrimental to the well-being of these children. Furthermore, their cruel legislation would restrict individuals from exercising their legal right under current law to asylum, which for many, the only pathway to do so is at our border.

In a further sign of how harmful and ill-advised this legislation is, just yesterday, House Republicans had to make last minute changes to assuage mounting concerns from within their own caucus about the impact of the provisions of this bill on their communities. 

Our nation benefits from immigrants. Economic research consistently shows that immigration helps grow the economy and contributes to the social and cultural fabric of our communities.  For example, immigrants are more likely to start both small and large businesses, have higher rates of innovation, and are critical to sustaining the U.S. labor force. 

You cannot separate “border security” from the broader debate about comprehensive immigration reform that includes expanding more pathways to legal immigration, addressing visa and other backlogs, properly resourcing our immigration courts, and securing responsible enforcement.  For three decades now, the GOP has tried to do so, and the evidence is in…it will not work and cannot work.  

And this bill would only build on that sad record. 

While I oppose this bill, I remain committed to advocating for a fair and just immigration system that recognizes the contributions of immigrants, upholds American values, and humanely addresses the root causes driving people to our borders without punishing children or making it impossible to seek asylum.” 


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