Congresswoman Gwen Moore Highlights Life-Changing Impact of Child Tax Credit on Milwaukee Families and Need for its Renewal

Congresswoman Gwen Moore Highlights Life-Changing Impact of Child Tax Credit on Milwaukee Families and Need for its Renewal

Today Marks the First Time in Six Months Hardworking Families Will Not Receive This Transformational Tax Cut

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Today, Congresswoman Moore marked the first time in six months that families will not receive the expanded and improved Child Tax Credit by calling for the passage of the Build Back Better Act which would extend the program. The Joint Economic Committee estimates that there are 147,000 qualifying children in Wisconsin’s Fourth District. On November 15th, an estimated 73,000 payments went out to hardworking Milwaukee families. According to Columbia University, these monthly payments are reducing food insecurity, and families overwhelmingly spent this money on food and other basic needs.

“When drafting COVID-19 relief legislation, one of the priority areas was to try and get dollars in the hands of those hit hardest by the economic impact of this pandemic.  That is why the American Rescue Plan increased the Child Tax Credit,-a proven and effective poverty fighting tool to get more dollars into the hands of families to help them meet basic needs.  And it worked!

The expanded Child Tax Credit helped parents put food on the table, pay bills, and buy essentials. It was a recognition that raising kids is expensive and now is the time when many families need support the most. Kids grow and need clothes and shoes that fit, and we knew that, for many families and individuals, paychecks may have been short or cut altogether during this pandemic even as food and housing insecurity were growing.

I had a parent write to my office explaining that because of the monthly CTC payment, she could fill up her gas tank so she could go to job interviews. Another mother said the credit helped her afford her water bill and internet service. I could go on because its impact has been so substantial.

I was proud to play a key role in advancing the expanded Child Tax Credit through the Ways and Means Committee. I am beyond thrilled to see this tax credit benefiting my constituents which is why I continue to work to help ensure that we can extend its benefit, as proposed in the Build Back Better Act that passed the House in November 2021 with my support.

Now, families have lost this vital lifeline as COVID-19 cases from the Omicron variant continue to rise, families still recover from the economic downturn, and inflation raises the cost of everyday expenses. My constituents need this support and so do millions of other Americans. I know the urgency and need and am working hard to ensure these payments are quickly renewed,” said Congresswoman Gwen Moore.

“We talk about the importance of investing in children, as they are our future. Yet here we are, walking away from one of the most effective ways to support all our children—the expanded and advanced Child Tax Credit. We can do better. I sincerely ask every member of Congress to look at the data and listen to the voices of parents who know firsthand how the advanced Child Tax Payments have made a huge positive difference in their children’s lives. Listen to the economists who make the case. Listen to the parents. This is good policy for families, and good policy for our country,” said Julie Kerksick, Senior Policy Advocate at Community Advocates.

“Thousands of Wisconsin families are finding their budgets tighter this week, because Congress has failed to act,” said Sachin Chheda, a Milwaukee-based advisor to the Economic Security Project. “The negative consequences of inaction once again fall most heavily on the poor, on families of color, and on single moms. It’s time for Congress to get its act together and extend the Child Tax Credit.”

Over the long term, research has found that an extra $3,000 in a family’s annual income when a child is younger than five leads to 19% higher future earnings, and a growing body of academic research finds that public investments in children yield significant long-term returns with economy-wide benefits, as healthier, more educated kids grow up to be more productive workers with higher earnings. This, in turn, also generates higher future revenues. The expanded Child Tax Credit is an investment in our children, our future, and our families.


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