Congresswoman Gwen Moore Participates in Markup of Build Back Better Act to Tackle Climate Change, Fight Poverty, Expand and Lower the Cost of Health Care, and Increase Access to Affordable Housing

Congresswoman Gwen Moore Participates in Markup of Build Back Better Act to Tackle Climate Change, Fight Poverty, Expand and Lower the Cost of Health Care, and Increase Access to Affordable Housing

Today, the Ways and Means Committee approved its portion of  the Build Back Better Act, which included provisions to address climate change, extend the Child Tax Credit (CTC) and Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) expansions, improve the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, lower the cost of prescription drugs, and close the Medicaid coverage gap in states who refused to expand Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act, including Wisconsin. Congresswoman Moore released the following statement:

“With the Build Back Better Act, we are addressing the systemic inequities that have put the American Dream further and further out of the grasp Americans, which was laid even more bare during the pandemic and tackling the challenges we continue to face now. By ensuring wealthy individuals and corporations pay their fair share in taxes, we can make crucial investments in health care, housing, green energy, and fight poverty. The claim that our country is broke is a broke lie!

To be good stewards of the Earth, we should be doing everything we can to help Americans reduce their carbon footprint. That’s why I am excited that my legislation to lower the cost of home energy audits was included in this package.

Addressing the climate crisis also means empowering communities most vulnerable to climate change. One key way to do that is to support the deployment of renewable technologies like my bill, included in this comprehensive legislation, which would ensure Native American tribes can access tax credits to help them develop renewable energy.

Before the pandemic, Milwaukee faced an eviction crisis, with low-income women of color and children forced the bear the brunt of this problem. Now, during the ongoing pandemic, we recognize how much access to housing is a public health issue. And we can’t build an equitable economy if people can’t afford to stay housed. That’s why we are responding by strengthening the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit to increase the amount of affordable housing in our communities. According to one estimate, this change will result in over 1 million new affordable rental units over the next decade.

For too long, we have been told the dubious wonders of trickle-down economics by Republicans. Here’s the truth: Trickle-down economics has failed and all the proof we need is to examine the impacts of the Reagan tax cuts, Bush tax cuts, and Trump tax cuts.

Our tax package provides support to actual working class and middle class Americans! We are giving a tax cut to the workers who continue to take home meager paychecks, to the caregivers who care for our child, seniors, and disabled, to those who are the essential workers keeping our communities going through this pandemic, who are juggling the cost of childcare, and who are struggling to pay for their essentials.

The bill’s expanded Child Tax Credit would provide much-needed support to families, lifting millions of children out of poverty. This week, the third round of payments from the ARP CTC expansion is going out to keep helping families pay rent, put food on the table, and meet other basic needs. This bill extends those changes and makes permanent the full refundability of the  credit!  I am also pleased to see enhancements to the Earned Income Tax Credit in this legislation, which include key provisions from my bill, the WRCR Act. Now, workers without children, including older workers can reap the benefits of the credit without being shortchanged.

This legislation builds on Democrats’ pledge to make health care both affordable and accessible to all Americans. We are expanding health care to the 4.4 million vulnerable Americans who have been shut out because their state lawmakers refused to expand Medicaid, like Wisconsin. Our bill would provide coverage to these Americans to ensure they can receive the care they need without further political obstruction.

Additionally, we are tackling the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs. Too many Americans are forced to ration their medicine or miss paying bills to refill their prescription. It’s wrong. That’s why this bill would allow Medicare to negotiate for lower drug costs. It’s time to hold Big Pharma accountable and reduce the cost of medicine.

I know the investments in the Build Back Better Act will have a positive and direct impact on my constituents and Americans across the country. I will continue working with my colleagues to get this legislation across the finish line and signed by President Biden.”

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