Congresswoman Gwen Moore Votes to Support Build Back Better Agenda

Congresswoman Gwen Moore Votes to Support Build Back Better Agenda 

Congresswoman Moore voted to advance Budget Resolution allowing House Committees to get to work on constructing the President’s Build Back Better agenda In response, she released the following statement:

“Building back better means investing in not only infrastructure but also working people and families. And the passage of the FY 22 Budget resolution today will now allow the House and Senate to begin this crucial work.

During this pandemic, we have seen the systemic challenges facing women, people of color, and families become only more magnified, giving us a roadmap for the work we need to continue ahead. 

With today’s passage of the FY 22 budget resolution, we can now begin work on  legislation to increase access to Pre-K to ensure that more children  – no matter their zip code – and their families have the opportunity to prosper.

This transformative agenda includes making health care more affordable and accessible by expanding Medicare coverage to include dental, hearing, and vision care, ensuring that the ACA Medicaid Expansion is available to residents of all states including states like Wisconsin that have stubbornly refused to do so, and continuing to strengthen the ACA. 

It also includes strengthening the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit. We are now seeing the benefits of enhancements to these programs passed in the American Rescue plan, namely reduced hunger and poverty in our communities. But these benefits will only last for this year under existing law. We need to change that.   

Passage of the budget resolution also unlocks the door for a package that will include  long overdue investments in our caring economy, including a national paid leave policy. As a great grandmother, I know the burden of finding quality, affordable childcare all too well. During the pandemic, we saw the flaws in the marketplace, which caused women to struggle disproportionately with accessing childcare, providing care, and maintaining employment. These investments will create greater equity for women in the workplace and support their ability to provide for themselves and their families.

Additionally, building back better means fighting the climate crisis in ways that secure good-paying jobs for Americans. The latest U.N. report reminded us that we don’t have time to waste. Climate change is happening right now, and we need to act to prevent more harm to our air, our water, our communities, and our planet. I am excited about the opportunity to now work on legislation to increase investments to support clean energy technologies, which will help cut our carbon emissions.

This Build Back better agenda also marks another opportunity to try and fight for a permanent pathway to citizenship for many in our community, including Dreamers.

These are just a few of the policies that I will be pursuing as work now begins on constructing this package, including in the House Ways and Means Committee on which I serve. 

Today’s action also takes a step forward in advancing the infrastructure package, which would create jobs, provide long overdue improvements to our roads and bridges, and expand access to broadband. And it calls for lead pipes to be replaced, which is an issue I have championed for years. This federal infusion of funds to remove lead pipes will benefit Milwaukee communities, protect children, and prevent another generation of children from being exposed to this toxin in their water.

For me, these investments in our communities aren’t up for debate. By ensuring the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes, we can help working families get ahead and build back better.” 

Read more on the Build Back Better Plan here.

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