Congresswoman Gwen Moore Statement on Foreign Aid Package

Congresswoman Gwen Moore Statement on Foreign Aid Package

“I voted for the foreign aid package because I believe America must be steadfast and stand with our allies. Global stability and peace are being threatened by rogue regimes and the threat and the chaos they represent, once unleashed, will not easily be contained, and will ultimately fall hardest on the most vulnerable. 

This package, which largely resembles the bipartisan Senate-passed foreign aid package, which has shamefully been blocked for months now by extreme elements of the Republican Party, provides aid to Ukraine in its brave defense against Putin’s tyrannical war of choice. I believe that Ukrainian can and will win the war and this aid is critical in their mission to repel Russia’s brutal invasion. 

Additionally, the package will strengthen and support U.S. alliances in the Indo-Pacific and provide stability in that vital region.

Israel continues to face serious threats from Iran and Hamas, which puts both Israelis and Palestinians at risk. The entire region is now in turmoil, including recent drone and missile attacks unleashed by Iran that were repelled by U.S.-provided defensive weapons systems. The bill provides additional funding for the Iron Dome defense system, humanitarian aid, replenishment of U.S. military supplies, and to support our continued peace and security efforts in the region.

This package also supplies critical humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people who are also victims of Hamas and to other vulnerable populations at risk around the globe.

Passage of this legislation should not be read as undermining my support for a humanitarian ceasefire and a pathway to peace, especially as innocent civilians and children continue to suffer. America is meeting its obligation to Israel and now Israel and Netanyahu must meet their obligation to the U.S. taxpayers, President Biden, and the world community and take every step to protect innocent civilians in Gaza commit to the immediate delivery of humanitarian aid in Gaza to stem the famine and suffering and stop all additional settlements in the West Bank.

And I want to be clear that as it relates to funding in this bill, our assistance comes with obligations and responsibilities, including full compliance with U.S. and international law. Earlier this year, President Biden issued a national security memorandum that requires credible assurances about how our aid, including that in this bill, is being used. That memo requires regular reports to Congress on compliance, and consideration of remedial steps, such as withholding certain arms transfers, if a country is found to have violated it. I will expect that the Administration enforces the terms of that memo for all the countries funded in this bill, including Israel. 

This legislation is far from perfect as is the process by which it came before us, one in which Members had no opportunity to amend key parts of this bill.  And its passage does not negate the need to work for a humanitarian ceasefire in the Middle East and to de-escalate regional tensions.  

But it was long past time that Congress took action to escape the chaos and confusion of the Republican caucus and partisan political games and again engage in a world that desperately crying out for U.S. leadership.” 

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