Congresswoman Gwen Moore Opposes Partisan H.R. 7217

Congresswoman Gwen Moore Opposes Partisan H.R. 7217

“I voted against H.R. 7217 – I could not support a bill that fails to meet the security needs of all our allies and excludes critical funding to help civilians in humanitarian crisis.

I support aid to Israel as the horrific October 7th terrorist attacks by Hamas clearly shows there are real and urgent security threats facing our ally. Funding for systems like the Iron Dome has been critical to keeping citizens safer. Israel has a clear right to defend itself in a manner consistent with the international rules of war, including ensuring the protection of civilians.  

Tensions are rising globally, as over 100 Israeli hostages are still in captivity, and a dire humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Gaza even as diplomatic efforts to achieve a humanitarian pause, which I continue to support. That is why it is even more important that Congress advances thoughtful proposals that support our allies in conflict, advance U.S. strategic interests, reflect our values, and promote stability and peace.

However, today’s legislation was yet another rushed, partisan attempt by House Republicans to make our national security a political wedge issue. Its only aim seemingly—given it was drafted a few days ago and rushed to the floor— is to try and sink bipartisan efforts to advance a comprehensive national security supplemental through the Senate. This legislation is not a good-faith effort, it’s certainly not about helping our allies, otherwise it would include funding to Ukraine. 

Specifically, I take issue with the fact that this legislation does not include funding to support Ukraine, whose citizens, for nearly two years, have courageously fought to protect their country against Russian aggression. For months now, this GOP-majority House has sat on the President’s request for additional aid to supply Ukraine with the resources it needs to defend itself. Ukraine is our ally, and we must support its ongoing efforts to safeguard its democracy and its freedom. We cannot abandon Ukraine but that is exactly what this bill does.

H.R. 7217 also excludes the nearly $10 billion requested by the President to meet humanitarian needs of civilians in Gaza, Ukraine, Israel and elsewhere around the globe dedicating zero funding in this bill. Innocent civilians, including many women and children, shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of House Republicans’ political games. 

Flawed partisan legislation like this does not make Israel safer, neglects our allies in Ukraine, and risks further unnecessary delay in helping to meet critical needs. No wonder the White House has issued a veto threat and some of my Republicans colleagues voted ‘no’ tonight. We cannot afford any more political games.”



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