Congresswoman Gwen Moore Marks 51st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Decision

Congresswoman Gwen Moore Marks 51st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Decision

“51 years ago, the Roe v. Wade decision secured abortion rights for women across the country. But I remember life before Roe, cobbling up money to fly to New York for an abortion, thanks to a supportive network of women in Wisconsin. That is a burden we should never place on women.

As a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and former abortion counselor, I support the full range of reproductive health care for women.

As I joined Vice President Harris in Wisconsin to help kick off her ‘Fight for Reproductive Freedoms’ tour, I reaffirmed the importance of restoring this right for millions of women and why abortion care is health care. Pregnancy can be dangerous for those with chronic conditions – those with diabetes, those with high blood pressure or those with cancer. Lacking access to abortion care worsens maternal health outcomes, which is especially troubling in a country grappling with a maternal mortality crisis. Women should be able to make the best decisions for them, their health, and their families.

The Dobbs decision isn’t the final say on women’s reproductive freedoms. I, along with many of Democratic colleagues, are committed to restoring this right for every woman in every state.”


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