Congresswoman Gwen Moore Votes to Avoid a Government Shutdown

Congresswoman Gwen Moore Votes to Avoid a Government Shutdown

Today, Congresswoman Moore voted to prevent another GOP-led government shutdown. In response, she released the following statement:

“We didn’t need to be here. Yet, MAGA House Republicans’ ongoing chaos and incompetence has brought us to the brink of another potential government shutdown. It’s clear they are uninterested in governing. House Republicans reneged on the debt ceiling funding deal reached earlier this year with the White House and Senate. Then, they wasted three weeks trying to find a new Speaker after deposing Rep. McCarthy for helping prevent a devastating government shutdown. Now, they are wasting the last few weeks pushing extreme, unworkable appropriations bills when they could have been working with Democrats and the White House to finalize fiscal year 2024 funding. These efforts would have avoided the need for another temporary funding measure.

I resent that Republicans brought this new gimmicky continuing resolution to the House Floor, instead of working toward a long-term solution: passing full appropriations bills with bipartisan consensus.

Today, I voted to avoid a government shutdown. This legislation ensures that the American people who rely on critical government services can continue to receive them, while ensuring that millions of dedicated federal workers and our selfless military service members are paid.

If House Republicans are serious about governing, they must work with Democrats. We need a real commitment from GOP House leaders to work with us to finalize fiscal year 2024 funding bills – not political gimmicks and Republican messaging bills.

In May, House Democrats helped save America from a catastrophic GOP-led debt default. At the end of September, when the government was at risk of shutdown, House Democrats governed responsibly and voted to fund the government.  And again today, with another GOP-initiated shutdown looming, House Democrats will be the adults in the room even though we were not invited to the table. I, along with my other Democratic colleagues, are ready to work with House GOP-majority to move appropriations bills across the finish line that address our key priorities in education, housing, health, nutritional assistance, and more.”

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