Congresswoman Gwen Moore Statement on Weekend Violence in Milwaukee

Congresswoman Gwen Moore Statement on Weekend Violence in Milwaukee

“This weekend’s incidents of gun violence in Milwaukee, resulting in three more tragic deaths and twenty more injuries, has again left our community heartbroken and anguished. Among the victims, I am deeply saddened that this weekend marks the seventeenth child to lose their life to homicide in Milwaukee this year.

I condemn the violence that has once again shaken our city.  My thoughts and condolences are with the families and loved ones affected by these senseless acts of violence. We can never become numb to the crisis of violence, and the souls it takes from our communities.

I want to thank law enforcement for their swift response and diligence. Reducing gun violence requires more than just the efforts of law enforcement and the justice system. It demands addressing long-standing inequities, it demands stronger gun violence prevention laws, investing in de-escalation and other proven community-based violence prevention initiatives, and it demands all of us.

Combating the gun violence crisis requires a collective effort, and I remain committed to championing efforts in Congress to invest in what works and to strengthen our gun laws to prevent these deadly weapons from flowing unabated into our communities and ending up in the wrong hands, including initiatives that have bipartisan support but continue to be blocked.

In the face of adversity, the people of Milwaukee have always shown their resilience and strength. Let us continue to support one another, to uplift our community, and to build a future where violence of any kind is unacceptable.”


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