Wind turbine maker Ingeteam plans expansion. Labor secretary Walsh highlights impact of Inflation Reduction Act.

Wind turbine maker Ingeteam plans expansion. Labor secretary Walsh highlights impact of Inflation Reduction Act.


By: Ricardo Torres - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Ingeteam, the only wind turbine generator in the country, is evaluating how to expand its operations in Milwaukee through funding from the Inflation Reduction Act.  

“We have the ability for more production,” Mark Obradovich, managing director of Ingeteam’s facilities in Milwaukee, said. “We’re working hard to try to understand the (Inflation Reduction) act and what it can do for us.” 

On Thursday, Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh visited Ingeteam’s Milwaukee facility and offered his office’s support to the company saying it is likely eligible for tax credits from the legislation. 

“This company here already has the labor standards, so there’s a component there as well for the company to benefit from tax credits,” Walsh said. 

The visit was a part of the Biden administration's efforts to highlight the impacts of the bipartisan Inflation Reduction Act in appearances across the country in advance of the Nov. 8 midterm election.

Walsh said the bill invests roughly $4 billion in clean energy initiatives. 

“We’re going to be able to take people who work in the fossil fuel industry, that are making good wages, and going to the clean energy and make good wages and not have a drop-off,” Walsh said. “What you’re seeing here in Milwaukee is something that we want to see around the country.” 

Obradovich said the federal funding the company could receive could make the Ingeteam more attractive to customers who want to buy from local companies.  

“It will make us more cost competitive,” Obradovich said. “We have the opportunity now to compete in an area where maybe we couldn’t compete before and will then allow us to create good paying jobs for the people of Milwaukee.” 

Ingeteam currently develops electric vehicle chargers in Spain, but with funding from the legislation, it could bring that production to Milwaukee.

“We’re currently reviewing all the options, trying to get an understanding of the bill, get our cost structure here and reviewing the options to bring that production here,” Obradovich said.  

Ingeteam is also preparing to develop engine parts for the U.S. Navy.

'Fits in with Milwaukee culture'

Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson said with Ingeteam already supporting Milwaukee workers, the funding could benefit more residents seeking better employment.  

“These (Ingetream workers) are folks that live in the city of Milwaukee, they’re people of color who, unfortunately, suffer the most from the vacation of manufacturing jobs in this city,” Johnson said. “When you have this sort of access to family-supporting jobs, it creates opportunity for people in and around Milwaukee.” 

Wisconsin U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore said Ingeteam being the only wind turbine generator manufacturer in the country “fits in with the Milwaukee culture.”  

“Part of this bill really provides additional incentives and tax credits for providing prevailing wages and providing the kind of equity that we need in Milwaukee right now,” Moore said.

“It’s going to benefit everybody and we’re going to bring down the cost of energy for everyone with projects like this.” 


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