Congresswoman Gwen Moore Condemns Hateful Legislation Targeting Trans Children

Congresswoman Gwen Moore Condemns Hateful Legislation Targeting Trans Children

Today, Congresswoman Moore voted NO on H.R. 734, a bill that would ban trans girls and trans women from participating on school sports teams and would limit the ability of non-binary and intersex students to participate in these programs. In response, she released the following statement:

“As a student, participating in sports can be integral to the school experience and helps build community, friendships, and a sense of belonging. Through sports, students can learn lessons about hard work, discipline, resilience, and teamwork that can benefit participants for the rest of their lives. This bill would deprive trans girls and women of these opportunities. And in many communities, school athletics are a centerpiece and source of community pride which this reckless Republican bill would deny to transgender and other students, further isolating and stigmatizing them.

With the House GOP’s legislation, trans girls will be discriminated against simply for being who they are. They will be forced to sit on the sidelines while their classmates play the sports they love. They will miss out on experiences that can challenge them mentally and physically.

Republicans’ concerns are disingenuous at best as trans people have been participating in sports for decades and all the claims they peddle have been disproven. This bill is part of the GOP’s ongoing attack on trans people and the broader LGBTQ+ community.

Right now, it is critical that all students, including transgender, non-binary, and intersex students, can participate fully and equally in school sports. 

Rather than attempting to marginalize them through legislation, this Congress should reaffirm our support for trans children, who are growing up in a country that is becoming increasingly hostile to their existence. Trans and other LGBTQ+ kids deserve access to the same educational opportunities—including participating in sports—as all other students.”

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