Congresswoman Gwen Moore Blasts House GOP’s Anti-Abortion Measures

Congresswoman Gwen Moore Blasts House GOP’s Anti-Abortion Measures

“The majority of Americans support access to abortion care. But with their narrow House majority, Republicans are still doubling down on their extreme and unpopular anti-abortion policies.

By advancing today’s resolution, the GOP ignores dangerous anti-choice violence that continues to pose a risk to abortion care providers and patients. Every member, Republican and Democrat, condemns violence against all health care providers and should support working to ensure that they can provide needed health care to all our constituents safely. But instead of denouncing all acts of political violence, this Republican resolution focuses myopically on certain acts solely for political reasons, even though we have seen horrific acts of violence against abortion and other health care providers.  

Additionally, H.R. 26 would continue to deny women the freedom to control their own bodies. I have long made clear that medical decisions should be made between an individual and their medical providers, not politicians. Anyone concerned about government overreach should oppose this bill. Additionally, I am concerned that this bill will only sow more confusion and misinformation about how abortion is provided, it is a solution in search of a problem.

These bills are not about addressing violence against providers or safety, but about scoring political points.” 

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