Congresswoman Gwen Moore Statement on the Biden Administration’s New Immigration Measures

Congresswoman Gwen Moore Statement on the Biden Administration’s New Immigration Measures

In response to the Biden administration’s new immigration measures, Congresswoman Moore released the following statement:

“Immigration has become an increasingly divisive and politically charged issue, which has made it difficult to make needed reforms based on a bipartisan consensus. It’s hard to remember that it was only a decade ago, the U.S. Senate once found it possible to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

This week, President Biden announced several new immigration measures while calling on Congressional Republicans to join Democrats in working to develop and pass a comprehensive immigration policy that will address the many root causes of the migration, rather than continuing to demonize immigrants fleeing whose lives are at-risk and who are fleeing all sorts of horrors, using migrants as pawns for political stunts, and offering no meaningful solutions.

I am pleased that the Biden administration plan creates new pathways for immigrants seeking a new path in America that gives them the option to forgo the dangerous path through Mexico by foot. The Administration’s parole process for Venezuelans will also be extended to Nicaraguans, Haitians, and Cubans, and I hope other groups as well in the future. Their new measures also include much-needed resources to address the growing backlog of asylum cases with more immigration judges and asylum officers.

But I am disappointed that this policy embraces Title 42 – an inhumane Trump-era policy that this administration has repeatedly fought to end only to be stymied by the courts-that renders asunder our nation’s long history and legal obligation to provide refuge to those fleeing persecution and other dangers. Title 42 was used by the Trump Administration as a cudgel to cruelly prevent individuals from seeking asylum in our nation. The right to asylum must be upheld - not denied to those fleeing violence and political and economic stability. To millions around the world, America is a place of promise and opportunity and President Biden pledged to ensure his immigration agenda reflects these ideals. This promise must be kept.

This proposal however is another reminder that that our immigration system is broken, and piecemeal action cannot be expected to achieve the fair, just, and humane system that we all endeavor for, and which is consistent with American values. It is also a reminder that our seriously broken immigration system and the ongoing humanitarian crisis at the border cannot be addressed or resolved solely by the executive branch. That is why in the last Congress, I supported efforts to help bring people out of the shadows by creating more legal pathways to residency and citizenship, among other long overdue changes.

Immigrants make invaluable and incredible contributions to our country and our communities. I share President Biden’s determination that Congress needs to act. I remain committed to working in a bipartisan manner to make long-term changes to our immigration system that are fair, humane, and reflect our nation’s values.”

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