Congresswoman Moore Backs Legislation to Support Americans Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Congresswoman Moore Backs Legislation to Support Americans Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

“A public health crisis requires real leadership from the government and a comprehensive plan to support the American people. The impact of the coronavirus is already disrupting lives and will continue to affect people’s health and economic stability.  And this impact has been exacerbated by inconsistent and conflicting information coming from this Administration.

I understand that not every worker can work from home or has access to paid family leave. This why the Families First Coronavirus Response Act would provide support for Americans as schools continue close, and parents must stay home with their children. It would help ensure access to paid leave for those whose employment becomes disrupted by this disease or who are quarantined or ordered into isolation or must be a caregiver for someone who is quarantined or in isolation.

This kind of support is critical in an economy where 40 percent of Americans do not have $400 for a rainy day. As we face this public health crisis, we need to safeguard the programs that vulnerable people rely on and build upon the resources our government provides, which is why this legislation enhances food assistance to ensure that kids don’t go hungry when their school closes, provides additional assistance through WIC to pregnant women, infants, and children, and provides stronger earnings protections for low-income workers, including those who may lose their jobs or hours as a result of this pandemic.  The House will continue working to address this crisis as developments occur and ensure that Americans and our state, local and tribal officials have access to the resources they need to protect our communities and stay healthy and safe.”

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