Mamas First Act introduced by Wisconsin Congresswoman

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Washington, June 7, 2019 | comments
Sarah McGrew

Representative Gwen Moore introduced the Mamas First Act, hoping to see improved access to health care for mothers and their babies.

The bill would utilize medicaid to reimburse doulas and midwives across the country. Representative Moore said increased access to these health care professionals will especially help women of color and women living in rural areas.

“We want to allow all communities to access prenatal and postnatal services,” Moore said. “Doulas would be right there within their communities, people to keep watch over their pregnancy and make sure we have good outcomes.”

Ultimately, the bill hopes to improve birth outcomes. According to the CDC, the infant mortality rate in Wisconsin is 5.92 per 1,000 births. For African-American babies in the state, the rate is 14.28.

“There’s no reason that in a civilized country… that type of mortality rate anywhere, especially in here in Wisconsin should be tolerated,” said State Representative Pat Snyder.

Representative Snyder said state lawmakers are also working to expand access to health care for expecting mothers.

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