Member-Designated Transportation Projects

The projects below have been submitted to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee by Congresswoman Moore for possible inclusion in the upcoming Surface Transportation Reauthorization bill.  Congresswoman Moore received numerous requests from the City, County, and State.  

Below are brief summaries of the projects and a letter for each project certifying that Congresswoman Moore or her immediate family do not have any financial interests in that project. 

Inclusion on this list does not assure that any of these projects will be included in the upcoming federal Surface Transportation reauthorization legislation and receive funding.  

Vliet Street Resurfacing Project: $4.2 million

The project would take place on Vliet Street between North 12th Street and North 27th Street in the city of Milwaukee, WI.  

Sponsor: The City of Milwaukee Public Works Department, 841 N. Broadway, Milwaukee WI 53202

Carrying over 8,000 vehicles per day, the corridor provides a vital east-west link in the City’s backbone system. A few years ago, the project was evaluated by the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) and Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The project ranked high for deteriorated pavement condition, ridership, connectivity, and functional classification.

Financial Certification Letter

South Kinnickinnic Avenue Resurfacing Project: $700,000

The project would take place on South Kinnickinnic Avenue from E. Lunham Avenue to East Howard Avenue in the city of St. Francis, WI, 53235.  

Sponsor: City of St Francis Department of Public Works., 3400 East Howard Avenue, St. Francis, WI 53235

Funding would be used to resurface this portion of the roadway including removing the asphalt, repairing/replacing defective curb and gutters, sidewalks, driveways, and replacing the asphalt with 4 inches of new asphalt. The roadway is used as a main route into and out of the city Milwaukee and has between 4600-6400 vehicles travel on it per day. It is also a part of a bus route and has not been repaved since 1993.  

Benefits: Smoother safe roadway for drivers, including improved drainage and upgraded pavement markings. The sidewalk improvements associated with this project will remove barriers from people with disabilities by creating pedestrian paths and upgraded ramps at intersections.  

Financial Certification Letter

Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS):  $4 million

Sponsor: Milwaukee County Department of Transportation
10320 W. Watertown Plank Road, Wauwatosa, 53226

Funding would be used to purchase new buses. MCTS has nearly 100 buses that are reaching the end of their useful life. Newer, more efficient buses will help improve reliability while reducing maintenance costs. It can cost between $500,000 and $1.2 million to buy a bus, depending on type, according to information provided by MCTS. 

Financial Certification Letter

Milwaukee County Transit System:  $2.5 million

Sponsor: Milwaukee County Department of Transportation
10320 W. Watertown Plank Road, Wauwatosa, 53226

The request would provide funding for MCTS to undertake a safety and security initiative to expand critical transit security equipment to protect assets, employees, and passengers. Funds would be used to purchase video surveillance systems to increase safety for passengers and bus operators, bus operator shields to protect bus operators from unruly passengers, silent alarms to record incidents and prioritize dispatchers focus on a bus operator that is potentially in danger and to secure CCTV Upgrades for 3 MCTS facilities.

Financial Certification Letter

Reconstruct Silver Spring Drive:  $4.5 million

The project would take place in the city of Glendale, WI  on the portion of Silver Spring Drive from 27th Street in the west to Milwaukee River to the east. 

Sponsor: City of Glendale, 5909 N. Milwaukee River Parkway, Glendale WI 53209

Funds would be used to reconstruct the roadway pavement, improving pedestrian safety and motorist safety. This portion of the road was last reconstructed in 2004 and has deteriorated significantly since then. The roadway is shared between Glendale and the City of Milwaukee and serves as the main route through which residents of Milwaukee and Glendale access Interstate 43.

The goals of the project are to improve traffic safety and reliability, provide improved economic connectivity to minority and low income neighborhoods on the north side of WI-04, improve pedestrian safety for residents in Glendale and Milwaukee, and reduce traffic congestion. 

Financial Certification Letter

Beerline Trail Lifeways Plan & Trail Connections: $1.2 million

Sponsor: City of Milwaukee Public Works Department, 841 N. Broadway, Milwaukee WI 53202

The Beerline Trail runs diagonally through the Harambee and Riverwest neighborhoods of Milwaukee along a former railroad right-of-way. There have been many incremental improvements to the trail driven by community members and nearly $3 million in local investments made so far.  

This funding will support the Vienna Access Gateway upgrade to create an east/west access point in the center of the Linear Park at Vienna Avenue to improve access to the trail for neighborhood residents on both the east and west side of the trail. This project proposes to address a lack of direct access points in the northwestern part of the trail, particularly from the west. Stakeholders have identified an improved connection at W. Vienna Avenue as the highest priority for improving trail connectivity and access.

 Financial Certification Letter

Construction of Screening Wall/Sound Barrier along I-94 at Woods National Cemetery in Milwaukee, WI: $2 million 

Sponsor: Wisconsin Department of Transportation, 4822 Madison Yards Way, Madison, WI 53705

Under this request, a wall would be constructed adjacent to Wood National Cemetery on both the north and south sides of I94 within WisDOT right-of-way at Woods National Cemetery. As requested by the National Cemetery Administration, the project would help to reduce traffic noise and mitigate visual impacts from the original freeway construction bisecting the veterans’ cemetery. 

Financial Certification Letter

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