Helping Wisconsin 4th District residents to cut through government red tape to solve their problems with federal agencies is an important part of my job as your federal representative.

While I can’t ask a federal agency to do anything they are not authorized to do under law or regulations, I can make sure that all of your rights are protected and that errors in procedure are corrected. I and my staff will do everything we can to make sure that you receive fair treatment and will work together with you and the agency to review and, hopefully, resolve the matter.

  • Checklist to Determine if Your Inquiry is Casework

    This checklist will help you to determine whether your difficulty is something that I have the authority and jurisdiction to assist you with.

  • Proceed to Open Your Case

    If you have determined your difficulty is a casework matter, select this option for instructions on how to prepare and proceed in sending your request to my office.

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