Protecting Milwaukee's Children
Despite the national attention Flint brought to the lead poisoning crisis, too many U.S. cities, including Milwaukee, are still struggling to reduce lead exposure. In March, Rep. Louise Slaughter and I successfully requested increased funding for CDC and HUD lead prevention and abatement programs. While this is a big victory, the fight to keep Milwaukee's children safe from lead poisoning is far from over. When it comes to our kids, there is no safe blood lead level.

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No More Moments of Silence

This month, our students showed more backbone than the GOP has in recent memory. As these students continue to organize and demand the right to feel safe in their schools, I'm working on Capitol Hill to pass common sense gun reforms.

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Prioritizing Milwaukee's Unions

In the face of an economy that is all too often rigged against working Americans, unions are more needed than ever. When working people join together to speak up about what matters, we make progress that benefits everyone.

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Ending School Lunch Shaming

When I was a Milwaukee student, I was ridiculed for not being able to buy hot lunch because my mom couldn't afford enough food for our family. I'm proud to announce that my amendment prohibiting school lunch shaming was made into law, so that no child will ever have to feel the pain I felt. 
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Defending Obamacare

Eight years ago this month, I watched Obama sign the Affordable Care Act into law. Since then, we have seen a drastic improvement in health coverage with the uninsured rate dropping dramatically. In the face of Republican attacks against the law, we must stand strong and uphold the ACA.

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Fighting for Single Parents

Having raised three children alone, I’ve seen some tough times. I remember vividly what it was like to be treated like I had done something wrong, when all I was asking for were the resources to which my child was entitled. It’s time we realign our legislative priorities to put our kids first.
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