Safeguarding Wisconsin’s Election System

In July, I joined my Democratic colleagues to demand the funding Wisconsin desperately needs to defend our vulnerable election system. Republican attempts to zero out funding to protect our country and our elections from Russian interference is shameful.


Funding Lead Reduction Programs

This month, my amendment to increase funding for federal lead reduction programs passed the US House of Representatives. Smart legislation like this can help ensure lead poisoning is preventable, not inevitable. We must continue to fight for these programs, especially in high-risk communities like those impacted in Milwaukee.


Protecting the Supreme Court

This month, the Trump administration threatened to reverse decades of progress by nominating Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh’s confirmation threatens to create the most conservative court since Jim Crow, putting women’s, workers’, and minority civil rights on the line. We must protect the Supreme Court, so that it can protect us.


GOP Health Care Sabotage

In July, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi joined Citizen Action Wisconsin in our great city to oppose the ruthless Republican attacks on Medicare, Medicaid, and the ACA. I will continue to fight with Leader Pelosi to protect people with pre-existing conditions, lower the cost of prescription drugs, and to ensure every American their right to affordable health insurance.


Fighting Poverty, Not the Poor

This month, I spoke to the Center for American Progress about my bill, the Family Poverty is Not Child Neglect Act, which would stop children being taken from their parents as punishment simply for being poor. We need a government that supports families, rather than tearing them apart.


Providing Relief to Small Businesses

Small, minority-owned, and women-run investment adviser firms should be subject to regulations commensurate with their scale, so they have the resources they need to support local economic growth. This month, we got a step closer to providing that relief when my bipartisan bill, the Investment Adviser Regulatory Flexibility Improvement Act, passed the US House of Representatives.


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