Rising Up Out of Poverty

43 million Americans currently live in poverty, including millions in extreme poverty. This month, I introduced my RISE Out Of Poverty Act to make sweeping reforms to our nation’s only cash assistance program to ensure mothers and children are able to meet basic needs. 


Believe Women

This month, during the Ford and Kavanaugh hearings, I sat down with HBO’s Vice News Tonight to discuss what this moment means for our country now and moving forward. I stand with Dr. Ford, because I believe women.


Protecting Our Babies

Last week, I introduced bipartisan legislation in the House and Senate to combat our nation’s infant mortality crisis. Congress has finally come together to put an end to infant mortality because in a nation as resource rich as ours, no mother should ever lose their baby.


Tax Scam 2.0: A Whole Lot of Nothing

This month, I took to the House to protest the GOP’s latest attempt take from the poor and give to the rich. Tax Scam 2 is more of the same tax breaks for the richest Americans, in exchange for debt, health insecurity, and retirement uncertainty for Main Street Americans.


Poor People's Campaign

I was honored to join Rev. Dr. William Barber, Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Rep. Barbara Lee this month to call out the impact poverty and systemic racism have on our children. 39 million children in this country are poor and low-income. We need policies that work for the people and help our children succeed.


Marching for Change

Last weekend, I joined my Milwaukee sisters at UBLAC’s Black Women’s Empowerment March to stand up for racial, economic, and social justice. We won’t be stopped, and we won’t be silenced. #BlackWomenRise


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